Scrapbooking – Starting with a blank page

Picked up my scapbooking today. I first started this Craft a few years ago when it was a new craft that I wanted to try.

One of my loves is Travel and when I am away I always save tickets, maps and programmes, and then when I get home add them to the photos and put them away in a cupboard and they rarely see the light of day.

When I discovered Scrapbooking my life changed, I could now get all the old bits and bobs from holidays and by just buying a journal could make a memory book to add to the memories stored in my mind.

One of my projects started when I returned from a Carribean cruise in January 2012. I had such an amazing time doing something I had only ever dreamed of, and I just had to get all my mementos in one place so that I could look over them on the cold winter days and relive the excitement I had during that amazing holiday. There was even a scrapbooking class on the Cruise which I of course attended with other like minded Crafter’s and we were provided with a journal and embellishments to start us off, amazing!


Although that was over a year ago the scrapbooking journal is still not finished ….almost but not quite! Life just got in the way! So this week I got it out went through the papers and photos tickets and leaflets and with glue and scissors went back in time and added some more memories to the scrapbook, it is now looking good and is almost finished…….almost. Sticking fancy papers on blank pages you start to see the story grows adding special words and sayings, ribbon and mementos builds a bigger picture.


Scrapbooking keeps your memories alive in a visual way and gives you a free reign on your design , whatever works for you. Of course it not just about a journal you can scrapbook on pictures and cards as well whatever you want to create. I love it!


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