Scrapbooking -Another Dimension

We managed to pick up some very small canvases with easels (canvas size 8.5 x 6.5 cm) easel 11.5 cm high, for a really good price. When we ordered them we had no plans/or ideas for them so we are really starting “from a blank canvas”.


My first idea was to use the Scrapbooking technique and develop a motivational canvas that I could display in my summer-house, where I carry out my Life Coaching sessions.

I found this craft so easy to complete and ended with an effective display.

Firstly ,I covered the canvas with Scrapbooking paper, I chose a woven look paper in a pale lemon. This would be my base to work on. Around the edges of the canvas I attached  some already glued 1cm wide black paper ribbon.

I now had my frame in place and pondered on what wording to use, I opted for all words that related to Life Coaching. All of the words I either had to glue in place using a strong paper glue others were already sticky and I just had to peel off the sticky backs . I wanted to have different levels and textures using paper and card to make the display more interesting to look at.

I trimmed some of the words edges with gold, peel off stickers  that I often use when card making. I used the words Create, Inspire, Reflection, Vision and Imagine.

I then added a quote on a circular piece of card  that had a cut out centre ( a bit like a polo)  and through the centre I added a piece of gold thread sticking this under a small circular piece  of card giving me a  free hanging quote of “Just be you “. This I felt added more interest and bought the canvas alive by adding another dimension, this was not just words on a canvas!

The finished item is as I had imagined it would be when I started and it now ready to display in its new home!


This is just one way to use a very small canvas, another suggestion on this theme could be to add words that describe your own personality.

This was a fun project to work on , it didn’t take long and it looks effective and all the bits and bobs came from my stash so the only current  cost was 49 pence for the canvas and easel.

A homemade bargain!

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