Wedding Bunting at Blanket Stitch

Blanket Stitch Wedding Bunting was born in the autumn of 2012. We were commissioned to make bunting for a vintage themed wedding. As this was our first wedding we needed to make sure that all was perfect. The bride provided all the fabric and she also wanted to be involved in making the bunting which was great with us as she needed many metres for her special day.The bride chose to source the main bulk of the fabric from Charity shops.

The wedding was the most beautiful that I had ever attended all the decor was handmade and Crafty with many of the family assisting along the way with bits and bobs.The Bunting was used to decorate the hall where the Wedding breakfast would take place and around the Village Fete arena used later in the day.To say it looked magical doesn’t seem to describe the actual beauty of the day.

A year on and much more bunting under our belt ( in fact metres and metres of it ) which is available for from us hire any special occasion’  we have been asked to “Bunting” a wedding for a friend . The wedding is  to be held in a marquee in late August.  I am pleased to say that we finished ahead of schedule and the prospective bride has her many, many metres all ready for the day. This time it was less stressful , well slightly, the prospective bride did ask us for more metres just as we had finished or thought we had finished! We are really pleased  with how it has turned out and we cant wait to see it it in place, the bride says it is fantastic!

We are now hiring our bunting for any special occasion so if you know anyone needing professionally made bunting then please feel free to give them our contact details.DSCF6723

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