A Soft Knitted Shawl

I have been busy sewing this weekend (at Blanket Stitch we have two Craft Fairs that we will be at next weekend) and we need to add to our stock.  We also have a Wedding coming up in August where we have been asked to make the Bunting so trying to get ahead and its all hands to the Sewing machine!

The Summer House at the bottom of the garden has become my new sewing room. With the sun shining and the birds singing it is a haven away from the house and a place to be creative. So after making 125 bunting flags yesterday I decided to have a break  from sewing and turn to another Craft.

A couple of months ago I went to a stitching show in London and amongst my purchases ( of which there were quite a few )  I bought a knitting kit. I do like to knit although generally for me this happens during the winter months and I must add at this point that I  am a slow knitter. So after years of starting things but not finishing them quickly I tend to go for something not too large. My last project was a cushion and it is still only 3/4 completed. It will be completed next winter , for sure!!

My recent purchase is to be a cream shawl. Not too big just to cover the shoulders  so it ticked the box for me. Made up at the show it looked beautiful and ideal to take on holiday and wear if the evening gets a bit chilly, instead of the usual white cardi I tend to bring out for each holiday.

Going back to my skill level (limited) and my knitting speed (slow) my partner offered the opinion that maybe 28 days was not long enough to complete the shawl (we are heading to Spain at the end of June). Now I love a challenge so I am DETERMINED that the shawl will be completed and traveling in my suitcase at the end of the month. (Fingers crossed)

knitted shawl

The yarn is 80% Alpaca and 20% silk so really soft and a pale cream. The pattern is all in purl and a very loose knit.

After only a short time the pattern is taking shape and the border adds character. The pattern is simple to follow which is  good as I didn’t want anything really complicated. It is easy just doing purl stitches so I am confident that I will whizz through and have the shawl completed in no time at all!

I will let you know how this project pans out.

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