Storage Boxes

Storage boxes are quite costly to buy and white plastic storage can be a bit dull so I decided to cover some boxes to store some of the Blanket Stitch trimmings.

I have been saving various boxes that I thought would be interesting to cover and a little out of the ordinary. For my first project I decided to use a clementine fruit box. It was of a cardboard construction and sturdy enough to be used regularly. It also had an interesting top , in each of the corners there was a little ledge interesting to look at but also maybe a challenge to cover!


Firstly, I selected some scrapbook papers to cover the outside and the inside , I wanted complete coverage. Armed with scissors and some glue I was ready.

Firstly I  measured the box to get the exact size when I was cutting the paper.The paper I chose I used both inside and out of the box a pretty pink small all over print. Once the outside was covered I cut a piece of plain pink paper to stick on the inside base and two of the 4 in  sides.

I then  stuck a circular glued sticker to the base to take away the plainness and to make it more interesting to look at.

Although I had been careful to get straight edges when I cut the paper I wanted the box to have a more professional finish so I added  a circular glued trim around the bottom of the base to totally hide the joins. On the top corners that I thought would add interest but could be fidley ( and they were but I got there in the end!)  I added corner style stickers as a feature.


Loving anything with hearts on I had recently bought some  stickers on sale at Hobby craft and I added three to the front of the box and two on each side and on a the back a circular sticker similar  to the one i has stuck to the inside base of the box.


The finished vintage look  box is now sitting proudly on the shelf holding bits and bobs and looks so much better than a plastic storage box.



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