My very first TAG!

Today I have a little blog post planned all about my introduction to stamping and my very first tag. Now, first and foremost we have to credit Laurart with everything to do with my new stamping love, she introduced me and said I would love it, and here I am, at 1am searching the internet for Tim Holtz distressed inks and writing a blog post. This is how it starts isn’t it?

So, lets trek back a few months, November I think it was, and I went round to see Laurart and she asked me if I wanted to make a tag. I did, but I was nervous, I had seen these wonderful creations and I was under no assumption that I would ever be able to make one, let alone make one that looked good!

She showed me all the bits and pieces, and it was overwhelming at first, but if you know Laurart, you know that she’s the most patient teacher. She showed me how to start off, all the basics, different techniques and what I would need to do to make my own tag.

Then, set down in front of me was my tag! Eeek, it was my turn!


I started with some colours, I couldn’t tell you what it was all a bit of a haze (gosh, I am making this sound dramatic – but I am one of those people who when they learn a new craft I concentrate so hard that I forget everything else), but I do know they were Tim Holtz distress inks, and they were browny-orangey in their colour, which I am sure you can see from the tag. Maybe some of you more veteran stampers can help me out on the possible colours?


So I began, blending my inks, terrified of making a mistake and gripping the pad far too hard that I felt like I was about to break my hand. When I finished, what lay in front of me was a beautiful blended colour on my tag. Phew, I had got through the first part!


Next it was on to stamping, I picked some stamps, not really knowing where I was going with this tag (I never really know what I am going to do when crafting until stepping back and going ‘yeah, that’s done’).

I went for a few simple stamps, a musical background and a butterfly. Laurart also taught me how to dye my own ribbon to match the tag, and encouraged me to add the ‘with all my love’ on the bottom right hand side.

Tag, Stamping

When I stepped back and looked at it, I was so impressed. I’ve since been and made my second tag, which you can find the linking blog post to here. I love stamping, and my head is buzzing with ideas already, I already have a plan forming in this brain of mine, so keep your eyes peeled for something coming up in the coming weeks!



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