More Vintage Aprons

After the success of the child’s Vintage Aprons that I made  as a commission for a good friend I decided to make some more to add to the Blanket Stitch range. Having recently seen the friend who I  made these  for she told me that the  response from her daughter was very emotional when she saw the aprons as they were “so cute”. I don’t want people crying over my work but on this occasion I think it was positive feedback!

I have made 4 more aprons all in the cupcake material that I used originally but in different  colours. I am also thinking  of making some more in some pastel striped fabric that I have  as I think these will work well for children. The aprons are not just pretty they are functional and as  little girls love to look like mum when baking or helping with the cleaning!

Square Edged with lace trim.

Square Edged with lace trim.

I cut the aprons with a rounded or square edge at the bottom and trim the Apron with a piece of lace.  The ties are made in the same fabric and are long enough to fit varying ages.

Lemon ,Pink and Blue Aprons.

Lemon ,Pink and Blue Aprons.

A smart addition to baking day!

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