Vintage Bunting: Part One

When we were asked by a great friend of ours if it would be possible for us to help her make some vintage bunting for her forthcoming wedding, we were so excited to help!

First things first, we discussed with the bride just what kind of bunting she was looking for, looked through various patterns and ideas and eventually settled on something she was comfortable with and what she envisioned for her big day.

This wasn’t an ordinary commission however, with the bride knowing exactly what she wanted and being one of us artsy types, she was going to join in with the making with us. So we set aside a day, and the bunting making began.

We set up our sewing machines, in the presence of a true sewing machine great, and 1960s Singer. Thats right folks, not only were we making vintage bunting, we were making it on a vintage machine, it could not have been more appropriate if we had tried.


So, we got to work!

First we agreed on the size of the flag, and each got working on cutting out the material. We had a huge amount of vintage style material to work from.

After cutting out the triangles it was on to stitching them together. The bride had opted for double sided bunting, so we would need to stitch two triangles together (inside out) and then fold them in the right way, they would then need to be ironed flat and sewn onto the binding to make a gorgeous string of vintage bunting.
So all that needed doing now was ironing and sewing onto the binding.

Stay tuned for part 2. Coming soon.


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