Servietten Technique: Part One

After being invited to a dear friends in late November, we were treated to mulled apple juice (which was delicious!!) Mince Pies and the most delicious gingerbread I think I have ever tasted! Our main purpose there was a workshop to teach us all how to make beautiful gifts using Servietten Technique, a technique in which you use a serviette/napkin/tissue to decorate a variety of objects.


The technique is simple… Choose your object, ensure you’re using the correct glue (for anything other than fabric use Decopatch glue which can be bought from Hobby Craft). Cut out the size or area of a serviette you wish to use, you can use the whole thing (see coaster above) or just individual parts (see Candle below). Then peel all the layers so you only have the top layer (this is very important!!!). Cover the area which you section of serviette will cover, with a light smattering of glue, then allow to dry. When the area is dry, cover the image on top with glue, start at the inside and work your way to the outer edge, being ever so gentle so as not to tear the serviette – this seals the image. Allow to dry!
If making a coaster, like above, use a kitchen/bathroom tile. These are great, fun & inexpensive to give as gifts, and are really effective I think you’ll agree! If doing this, ensure you varnish (2-3 coats) with a clear, polyurethane varnish to really seal the image and protect it from the heat. Also glue felt to the back to produce a really gorgeous, long lasting coaster.
With the candles all you need to do is put a very light amount of glue on the candle where your image will sit, and then leave it for a while to dry. Then all you need to do next is to put a very light layer of glue, working from the centre of the image out (being gentle so as not to tear the image) and this will seal it.
TOP TIP: Why not make a coaster set as a gift. You could use a larger tile as a teapot stand, and decorate four coasters the same to make a matching set.
Below is a photo of a set I made my grandparents for Christmas, I think you’ll agree they’ll look awesome.
**All this work is with great thanks to my good friend Laura, who taught me this wonderful craft, and everything I know, I know because of her! Thanks Laura! **
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