Live. Laugh. Love.

Happy Saturday Crafters!

Today I wanted to share with you a project that was very personal to me, one I was very pleased with the way it turned out and one I loved making. I hope you enjoy it…

When I set out to make this cushion I didn’t even have an idea in my head (which is what generally happens with my most favourite pieces), I just knew I wanted to make something, I wanted to incorporate elements of my personality into it, and I wanted it to be totally my style.
So I took a blank piece of fabric, I closed my eyes and I thought about what I wanted it to represent to.
(Stay tuned later for a step by step guide of how I made this cushion)

The “Live. Laugh. Love” is a phrase we are all very familiar with these days, its everywhere, on everything, and I think for a lot of us, it does mean a lot. It’s all we really want and need out of life.

The heart shape idea obviously came from the idea of love, what girl in this world doesn’t want to be loved!

I found this cute ribbon, which I put over the corner of the cushion, emphasising what the cushion was trying to portray.

The idea for the plane, came from my love of travel. I’m a free spirit and love embracing different cultures and seeing new places.

This cushion was surprisingly easy to make, although the main part was long winded to stitch, I really enjoyed it.

How I made the “Live. Laugh. Love” Cushion:

1. Cut out two pieces of fabric the desired size of your cushion.

2. Cut out a smaller square that will fit on your cushion. This will be the centre point to your cushion, and will be where your stitching will take place.

3. Next, using either a stencil, pre-cut letters or free hand, cut the words Live, Laugh, Love out of fabric. You can use either all the same fabric, or different fabrics like I did.

4. Next cut out the plane shape and the heart shape.

5. Pin words & images to the fabric.

6. Blanket Stitch words in place.

7. Blanket Stitch images in place.

8. Stitch the vapour trail from the plane, through the heart and up the material.

9. Cut out a piece of wadding the same size as the centre piece, and place this under the centre piece and stitch it to the main fabric of the cushion. This will raise it up and bring it out of the cushion.

10. Stitch the two main parts of the cushion together, back to back, and turn through.

11. Now here you have two options, if you’ve made your cushion with the idea of putting another cushion filler inside it, you will need to add a zip. I, however, made my cushion with the intention of just stuffing it. I stuffed it until it was quite padded and then stitched it up.

12. Voila!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, let me know what you think in the comments!

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